Campbell River’s Stink Bait & Lure Dip is a top quality prawn attractant that will have prawns clambering to get into your traps!

Manufactured in Campbell River, this 100% Canadian made product consists of a perfectly stinky blend of organic ingredients.

To use simply add Campbell River’s Stink Bait and Lure Dip to your prawning pellets the night before and get ready to haul in an enormous catch!

Dip your fishing lures into Campbell River’s Stink Bait & Lure Dip, fish can’t resist this stuff.

Enhance your favorite lures with the fragrance of a good meal to help attract the biggest fish.

It’s simple: dip, squirt or bathe your lure in Campbell River’s Stink Bait & Lure Dip and wait for the bite…fish on!

This highly productive stink bait and lure dip is available in 500ml, 1 litre and 20 litre sizes.

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